DICES CVIO Coors to create recorded videos for Catechetical Formation

February 15, 2024

DICES CVIO Coors to create recorded videos for Catechetical Formation

By: Joanne Liezl D. De Mata

Coordinators of Christin Values Integration Office from the different member schools, along with school administrators and volunteer teachers, attended an online meeting headed by Rev. Fr. Alain P. Manalo, DICES Superintendent, last February 2, 2024, to finalize details on drafting recorded video outputs related to Catechetical formation.

Called “DICES Catechetical Videos,” the outputs shall cover four chapters that focus on the Introduction to Catechetics (assigned to SJPS and SMMS Cluster), Christian Doctrine (assigned to OLPCS and IJA Cluster), Christian Morality (assigned to SAST and SMI Cluster), and Christian Worship (assigned to DGA and SGA  Cluster) as well as the essential subtopics under each focus of discussion.

Mr. Kenneth Mungcal and Mr. Emman Danas, from the Office of the Superintendent of Diocesan Schools (OSDS) team,  shall assist the assigned presenters in terms of technical aspects of video recording.

The creation of “DICES Catechetical Videos” is part of the educational system’s tireless effort in underscoring the treasure, the gifts, and the sacrament that is Church. With these videos, DICES extends its support and demonstrate its commitment to embracing and sharing Catechesis in Catholic formation, enabling the entire DICES community to grow in faith and in knowledge about the basic truths that Catholics profess.