Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines (TECO) invites SHS students to Taiwan for educational and career opportunities

January 28, 2024

The Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines (TECO) visited St. Therese Catholic School of Noveleta

The Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines (TECO) visited St. Therese Catholic School of Noveleta (STCS) to offer academic and career opportunities to its senior high school students through the Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program (OYVTP). A total of 70 senior high school students from STCS, along with their parents and guardians, attended the event and expressed their interest in the scholarship program through an open forum. The event was held on January 27, 2024, from 9:20 AM to 12:00 NN.


The said event was aimed at promoting different vocational programs that guarantee academic and job opportunities for the students who are willing to learn Mandarin, study in Taiwan, and undergo an internship.


The visit also highlighted the talk of  Ms. Cha-Ching Hsu, Minister of Overseas Community Affairs Council, on the youth vocational training program offered by the Culture Center of TECO. Minister Cha-Ching Hsu stated that the program is open for senior high school students who are 16-22 years old.


According to Minister Hsu, the first three years of the program entails studying and completing an internship for qualified scholars. This means that the program requires the scholars to study in vocational high school in Taiwan while undergoing an internship. She stated that an internship allows a scholar to earn 900 US dollars per month.

She further explained that the scholars can then enroll in a Technology and Science College or University for another four years as part of the program.


She added that in studying in any of the 20 partner schools under the OYVTP, a scholar can choose bachelor’s degrees related to manufacturing, construction, agriculture, institutional care, e-commerce, and service (e.g., Tourism and Leisure management, Food and Beverage Management). A qualified scholar shall also have four days to attend internship, two days to study, and one day to take a rest per week. Minister Hsu added that during this time, the internship will enable a scholar to earn 1000 US dollars.


“And during summertime, scholars may go back to the Philippines to visit and come back to Taiwan again,” she shared.


Minister Hsu stated that after studying in university, a scholar can either stay in Taiwan or go back to the Philippines.


She added that there is only one basic requirement to qualify:  to learn Mandarin language. Aspiring candidates for the program must then be able to pass the exams in Mandarin and the interview using the said language.


“The program has been in existence for 17 years. This year, there are already 300 Filipino students who are studying and completing their internships in Taiwan through the scholarship,” she shared.

Minister Hsu also stated, “The Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce will provide a one-way ticket to Taiwan.”


Minister Hsu said that for anyone wanting to go back to the Philippines and terminate the scholarship program once started, “They can go back to the Philippines, but they have to pay for their own plane ticket going back home.”


“In Taiwan, you are all my kids. We are here to help each other and to work together,” she concluded her discussion.


In his speech, Rev. Fr. Alain P. Manalo, Superintendent of Diocesan Schools, said: “We are blessed with this opportunity not only offering education but also offering opportunities for a bright future for our students.”


He also informed the attendees that the program will be open to all senior high school students DICES-wide, as well as to the Catholic or non-Catholic students in other schools.


Father Alain stated, “We are privileged to have STCS and DICES to become a partner to this program…and we are sharing this opportunity with as many Filipinos as possible.”



“Through the help from our partners in TECO, we can send students to Taiwan, and this guarantees a bright future for our Filipino students who can study, work, earn, and support their families,” Father Alain added.


He further stressed, “The seven-year course can be availed through a scholarship without any commitment. Study Mandarin and pass the test and interview to qualify for this scholarship program.”


Father Alain said that the focal point on the scholarship program shall be St. Therese Catholic School.


Other officials from TECO and the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) attended the event, including Ms. Liao, Li-Yun, Chief of Overseas Students Education Section of OCAC; Dir. Chuang, Po-Chih, Culture Center of TECO; and Deputy Dir. Benjamin Liang, Culture Center of TECO (Contact Person).


His Excellency Wallace M. G. Chow, Taiwan Ambassador to the Philippines, also attended the event with his wife Madam Chow.


Also in attendance were Mr. George S. Go Sr., School Owner of St. Therese Catholic School; Mr. Billy Huang Ching Rong; School Board of Trustees, Mr. Romar B. Reyes, STCS School Principal; Mr. George L. Go, Jr., son of Mr. George Go Sr.; and Mr. Louie Francis G. Uy, nephew of Mr. George Go Sr., and School Principal of St. Peter the Apostle School, Manila.


Mr. Carl Casiño and Ms. Charlenne G. Roque, teachers from STCS, were the masters of ceremonies in the said event.