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Ang DICES FLEX Program ang tugon ng mga paaralang DICES sa mga bagong hamon na hatid ng COVID 19 pandemic. Ito ay iaayon sa mga patakaran ng DepEd na ilalathala sa lalong madaling panahon. Ipatutupad ng DICES FLEX ang DepEd K-12 curriculum na pinagyaman ng mga prinsipyo ng Katolikong edukasyon.

CVIO (Christian Values Integration Office)

The Office of Christian Values Integration identifies, implements, supervises, and evaluates plans and programs that will make students, personnel, parents and other stakeholders experience the love of God and to build up personal commitment to follow Jesus. Its specific tasks include:

Conceptualizing the Christian Formation Program of the diocesan


Implementing, monitoring, and evaluating regularly the Christian

Formation Programs of the diocesan schools;

Acting as consultant and guide to all diocesan schools in Christian


Developing a holistic and Christian program for guidance,

counseling and discipline in the diocesan schools.

Human Resource (HR)

The Office of Human Resource Development is concerned with the total personal and professional development program of the diocesan schools personnel. Its specific tasks include:

Designing and formulating a holistic personnel development program for all diocesan schools.

Monitoring and reviewing personnel development policies of all diocesan schools in the area of selection and placement, classification and pay/compensations, career development, performance evaluation, employee relations and welfare, and other similar concerns.

Developing, implementing, and evaluating all integrated plans for staff and personnel development of diocesan schools.

It is also concerned with the formulation of the school organizational structures, the development of the school culture, and the effective and efficient management of the diocesan schools.

Development & Quality Assurance (DQA)

The Physical Plant Office identifies plans, supervises construction projects, and maintains all the physical and building needs and facilities of the diocesan schools in order to maintain, as good stewards, the services required by all educational stakeholders. Its specific tasks include:

Helping to identify all the physical plants required in order to deliver improved and better services to all stakeholders;

Supervising the construction of all buildings and physical structures of the diocesan schools;

Ensuring the quality of construction and procurement projects at the least possible cost.

Recommending maintenance services for all diocesan schools.

Checking regularly all security and safety measures of all buildings and campuses.


The Finance Office is concerned with all the financial needs and operations of the diocesan schools system. Its specific tasks


Reviewing and assisting the schools in their financial program and budgeting;

Assisting in the preparation of the financial statements and reports of the diocesan schools that are required by proper authorities;

Initiating, formulating, reviewing, and revising financial policies and operations.

External Relations (ExRel)

The Office of External Affairs coordinates and establishes strategic alliances with all the sectors and units with whom the diocesan schools cooperate and collaborate. Its specific tasks include:

Proactively engaging parents, alumni, parishioners, benefactors, and other stakeholders in programs that promote Catholic education and the diocesan schools;

Representing the diocesan schools’ concerns to government organizations (GO’s), non-government organizations (NGO’s) church and other organizations or agencies.

Assessing periodically and improving all programs and activities related to external affairs.

Office of the Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is concerned with student services, student activities, admission, scholarship, and advocacy programs of the diocesan schools system. Its specific tasks include:

Developing or improving programs in student services and co-curricular activities in the diocesan schools;

Proposing or reviewing policies on admission and scholarship of

students in the diocesan schools;

Strengthening the advocacy program of the diocesan schools


Communication and Information Technology

The Office of Communications writes and distributes content that promotes DICES brand, activities, and advocacies that uphold DICES vision and mission. The specific objectives of the Communications Office include the following:

1.           Promoting harmonious relationship among teachers, parents, parish community, alumni, benefactors, other stakeholders, other DICES schools, non-government organizations, other Catholic schools, and the Diocese;

2.           Ensuring that proper and effective communications across various platforms observe correct language convention;

3.           Maintaining a positive image that reflects the core values of the academic community among DICES schools; and

4.           Advocating “faith news” against fake news

Curriculum and Instructions

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is concerned with all programs and policies on curriculum, instruction, and assessment of the diocesan schools. It shall be responsible for:

Proposing and reviewing all major changes in curriculum offering  and faculty development of diocesan schools.


Designing and recommending short and long-range plans for the improvement and updating of all academic programs of the diocesan schools.