DICES Empowers New Teachers with Comprehensive Training Sessions

July 4, 2024

DICES Empowers New Teachers with Comprehensive Training Sessions

In preparation for the upcoming School Year 2024-2025, educators from various DICES member schools gathered at the CADIPSA Center in Mendez, Cavite for the "DICES Training for Newly Hired Teachers" on July 2 and July 3, 2024.

During the first session of the training (July 2), 111 Gurong DICES, comprising both newly hired educators and teachers with three years of experience or fewer, participated. The second session (July 3) included 115 members of the DICES teaching workforce, all of whom are also new teachers or have up to three years of teaching experience.

Facilitated by the DICES Learning Team, the said whole-day training sessions featured interactive workshops and sessions focusing on educational methodologies.

In addition, participants engaged deeply with topics such as Understanding by Design (UbD), Standards-based Assessment (SBA), and Home Independent Learning Activities (HILAs).

The participants also actively interacted with the facilitators, demonstrating their eagerness to learn and prepare for the upcoming school year.

On the first day and second day of the training, Mr. Michael Mojica elaborated on Understanding by Design as a framework for promoting deep understanding of structured curriculum design.

Ms. Alyanna Reveche also emphasized Standards-based Assessment, focusing on aligning assessments with curriculum standards and on evaluating student mastery of learning objectives.

Furthermore, the topic of Home Independent Learning Activities, explained by Mr. Eric Bocalan on the first day of training and discussed by Ms. Anna Esposo on the second day, emphasized activities designed to reinforce learning and foster self-directed learning beyond traditional classroom settings.

Also included in the training was the Q nd A, in which attendees’ questions were answered by the DICES Learning Team Leaders and facilitators comprehensively, reflecting their commitment to providing thorough support and guidance.

DICES remains committed to enhancing educational standards through meticulous planning and strategic initiatives as part of its relentless preparation for the opening of classes for SY 2024-2025.